Hidden Business

The coordinator of NGOs and social movements in Catalonia Amb Palestina al Cor, in which Novact is a member, launched the campaign “Hidden Business” to denounce the security, military and arms relations between the Spanish state and the state of Israel in order to claim the application of Spanish and European legislation on arms exports.

Through the campaign arguments based on the rule of law which constitute strong evidence are presented to get a complaint to the authorities of the weapons business. For this reason,  six case studies (Policy Papers) will be the disseminated and It will be published a final report with all the information gathered in research.

Campaign Aims:

  • To analyze and investigate who are the stakeholders, the profits generated by this business and the impact on the population
  • To denounce the practices of the Spanish state, inform and sensitize the civil society to be aware of their ability to influence
  • To pressure on actors to respect the code of conduct established by the European Union and save complicity in perpetuating the conflict

More information here: www.negocisocults.org