Anxela Iglesias

“Mixing water and soil can be a revolutionary act, such as making bricks to put them up to build homes and community centers. This is happening in the Jordan Valley, a region of great resources and indisputable geostrategic importance, where much of the Palestinian population lives in isolation, subjected to systematic policies of forced displacement. To exist there means to resist and to build houses is a sign of courage and dignity.”

Participating in this and other initiatives brought me closer to the strategies of nonviolent resistance in Palestine, that are not perfect, but neither naive.

In the last four years I have had the opportunity to learn a little more about the reality of the Middle East through my work for NGOs and social movements. I could also share it in different media and publications as well as in a small documentary.

As a journalist at the news agency and television, she worked before in other parts of the world such as Berlin, Madrid and Vigo, the city where she was born. She holds a degree in Information Sciences and a Master degree in Humanitarian Aid. She speaks English, Spanish, German, she understands a bit of other language, and she is learning Arabic and Hebrew.