Promoting security and social cohesion to defend human rights in Palestine

The project is focused on peace-building processes in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (oPT), supporting the Palestinian civil society to advocate for a nonviolent resolution of the conflicts in the region. During the project Human Rights Defenders (HRD) and political prisoners are receiving free legal representation in Israeli Military Courts. The main threat facing the Palestinian civil society committed to nonviolent strategies of conflict transformation is the repression faced by the Israeli military authorities and the absence of accountability mechanisms that promote the role of justice in the oPT. For that reason, the project is establishing a Civil Society Organizations protocol for Rule of Law enhancement in the targeted communities and free legal defense for Human Rights Defenders. Moreover, the project embraces design, implementation and evaluation of an Executive Advanced  Diploma in International Law  and Nonviolent Conflict Resolution with Al-Quds University.

Partners:  Popular Struggle Coordination Committee,  Gaby Lasky Law Office

Beneficiary people: Human rights defenders, political prisioners and social organizations

Funded by: UNDP-PAPP 

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