Searching for Peace in Iraq

Searching for Peace in Iraq( SfP-Iraq) is a major International research project which seeks to increase the impact of peacebuilding strategies and programmes in the country through improving conflict analysis instruments and identifying best practices of the peace work implemented in the past years.  SfP in Iraq is a “peace-building guide” addressed to Iraqi and international civil society organizations, practitioners, activists, human right defenders, policy-makers and experts. It was implemented in the framework of the International peace and nonviolence program “LaOnf initiative: strengthening the conflict prevention and resolution capacities of Iraqi non-violence civil society organizations to contribute to the peace-building process in their country” funded by the Council of the City of Barcelona – Programme Barcelona Solidarity.

Researchers:   Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen,  Sawsan Ismael Al Assaf, Ali Dhahir Ali

You can read it or download it here