Spain-Israel. Military, Homeland Security and Armament-based Relations, Affairs and Trends

Israel is the key antagonist in an armed conflict lasting more than sixty years, which is at the heart of global geopolitics and has important implications for regional and global stability. As a consequence of this reality, Israel has become one of the most militarized states in the world which produces the most avant-garde systems of the military and security sectors. The violence experienced in the region has become a source of profit, a business that bases its justification for armed conflict on the financial prosperity it receives as a due consequence. The aim of this report is to take a closer look at the various relations between Spain and Israel, which include arms imports and exports, business relationships and agreements and practices on military and security, furthermore attempt to answer the question of how Spain contributes to violence in one of the most battered regions of the world.

Researchers: Alejandro Pozo Marín

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