Antonio Pita

“Working as a foreign correspondent for more than five years in Israel/Palestine, where the answer to violence is usually even more violence, made me realize the importance of nonviolence as a strategic tool and a moral decision to fight against injustice in the world. Recently, the Arab Spring has indeed shown the whole world how non-violence is far from being the naive choice of a bunch of immature beings, as it is sometimes portrayed in the circles where realism equals acceptance of an unfair status quo, but it is a powerful and contagious force to face the repression.”

“I also did some strange things in my life, such as football referee when I was ten years old, which already made me appreciate from an early age the value of nonviolence …”

Antonio Pita was reporting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from Jerusalem, working for the Spanish news agency EFE from the year 2007. Having done a Master in International Relations and Communication at the Complutense University in Madrid, where he graduated as a journalist, later on he worked for more than two years as a correspondent in Paris and Rabat.