Cécile Barbeito

“Inspired by the nonvio1ent movement for the end of the army in Spain (Movimiento por la Objeción de Conciencia – MOC), and by the contact of influencing pacifist people in Catalonia, such as Vicenç Fisas, Arcadi Oliveres, or Paco Cascón, I started being involved in pacifist organizations since the end of the ’90. Participating in The Hague Appeal for Peace in 1999 was a very symbolic starting point for my commitment to peace activism. This led me to train myself in Peace Education and Nonviolent action, in violent contexts where I could meet activist that commit their lives to nonviolence and understanding towards the Other. All these experiences and people I have met have been very influential to me, and still motivate my involvement for peace.”

 She currently works in the Escola de Cultura de Pau (School for a Culture of Peace, at the Autonomous University of Barcelona), as a peace education trainer and researcher, and for the Council of Europe’s Youth Peace Ambassador’s project aimed at training youth European leaders in peacebuilding and conflict transformation. She is a member of the Grup d’Educació per la Pau, a volunteer group that aims at including peace education in formal and non-formal educational settings.
She has studied Political Science, a MoS on Culture of Peace and another on Mental Health in situation of Political Violence, and is currently doing her PhD on evaluation in Peace Education programs.