Gilbert Doumit

 “Committed to non-violence as a principle and a strategy for change in the Arab World, I took to the streets at least once a month for 15 years calling for change to transform politics in Lebanon and the region. Realizing that we were demanding change from a political system that could not introduce reform, in 2009 together with a group of activists, I founded Beyond Reform & Development,. Working across the Levant, Gulf and North Africa with ministries, political parties, international and local organizations, we aspire to attain innovative, inclusive, and participatory governance systems.”

Gilbert Doumit is also a Founding Board Member of Injaz Lebanon, an NGO promoting leadership and entrepreneurship for youth in Lebanon.
He participated in launching several non-violent campaigns, advocating for change in areas such as anti-war movements, electoral reform, information access, education system, and anti-corruption.
In 2009, he was the General Coordinator for the Lebanese Parliamentary Elections Monitoring Mission, the largest organized civil society initiative in Lebanon to ensure political candidates’ compliance to the law. He holds a BS. in Business Administration, a BA. in Social Community Organization and an MBA from ESA. He is a visiting Lecturer at Université Saint Joseph and has been a presenter at a number of conferences with different universities and academies.