Nicolás Salazar-Godoy

‘I stand against the Orientalist convictions that no form of political organisation existed in the post-colonial world prior to the colonial period, and that the oppressed always violently contested degradation. From the Sufi Senegambian struggle against Atlantic slave trade in the seventeenth century, to rights groups which contemporarily oppose the assaults of neoliberalism with non-violent resistance, I deeply believe in the historic tradition of non-violence resistance.’

In addition to extensive work with social movements in Barcelona, Nicolás worked as an intern at the London headquarters of Human Rights Watch in 2010. He has conducted social research at the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, and independent ethnographic research in several field locations in Morocco, Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon.

His areas of research focus on (post)colonial geo-sociology, critical sociology of human rights, and forced migrations.

Nicolás undertook undergraduate studies in politics and sociology at the University of Barcelona and the University of Heidelberg. Currently he is a candidate at the London School of Economics for the MSc Political Sociology, with a special focus in (post)colonialism. Nicolás is fluent in German, Catalan, English, Spanish, and is currently learning Arabic at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).