Official announcement

A few weeks ago, we knew a case of sexual harassment by a senior member of a Palestinian organization, strategic partner of NOVACT during the last decade. Aware of the gravity of the situation, we consulted local and international lawyers and representatives of civil society and women’s movements. It has been a difficult and painful process to which we have given top priority, as there are red lines our organization will be never cross. From NOVACT, we condemn all kinds of sexual harassment and we express our solidarity with those who suffer it. Our work in favor of human rights and self-determination processes only makes sense if we fight against abuse in all its forms and especially against which affects women. We are also aware of our delicate role in the field. Our mission is to support, without impositions, organizations and local movements of nonviolent resistance work, contribute to achieve the funds and necessary capability, support them in developing strategies and learning processes. Therefore, we believe that we must respect the right of our members and partners to decide how to confront the situation. As long as you take steps to address it and to control it is not repeated. Without interference, but respecting our principles. We also consider that it is essential to differentiate between individual actions and the legitimacy of a movement fighting for self-determination of women and men. The opposite would do a disservice to the Palestinian people and the struggle for peace, justice and dignity. Given all the above, we believe it necessary to act forcefully. Therefore:

  • We interrupted NOVACT projects developed with our Palestinian partner until they create a draft protocol for sexual harassment and abuse of power in the workplace and until we know what answer they will give to this situation.
  • We have initiated an internal process, which will involve experts in the field, to develop our own protocol against sexual harassment and abuse of authority both within the organization and in relations with our partners.
  • We wanted to share this difficult time and do it with transparency as an issue like sexual harassment should not be invisible or ignored if we really want to be eradicated.