Sagrario Monedero

There are two key moments in my life which explain and inspired my dedication to the defense of human rights: the first, during my childhood, I heard talking for the first time about the women and men who came together from all over the world to fight against fascism in Spain. The second, years later, in a conference on Human Rights of women. The first one made me understand the meaning of the word “solidarity”. The second moment marked my concience as a women and was the starting point for my fight against gender discrimination.

It is now 10 years that I am part of feminist movements fighting for human rights. I have a degree in Business Administration and Management and I have done further studies in the field of International Cooperation with a diploma in “political impact and the rights of women”. I have worked in several organisations in Spain, Nicaragua, Peru and Ireland.

Since 2009 I live in Palestine where I am in charge of the Coordination of Gender and Human Rights in the Middle East for the Organisation Solidaridad Internacional.