Seminar: Human rights, international legality and Cooperation

Coordination: NOVACT- International Institute for Nonviolent Action, Barcelona University and 2015 Platform
Duration: One day (15th May 2011)
Place: Occupied Palestinian Territory

The Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel are one of the areas of the world where Spanish state more invest in development cooperation, protection of human rights and peace building. Although many projects have contributed to a significant change, few people doubt that the results obtained are substantially lower than expected. During two decades of “investment for peace” (1991-2011) is particularly significant that the living conditions of the Palestinian population have worsened and the causes and underlying reasons that fuel conflict have been strengthened and intensified. With this short training course in the field, for cooperation actors from Spanish state present in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel, we aimed to create a space for modest reflection to allow us to learn about the causes of the present situation.

The course is taught by David Bondia Garcia, director of the Human Rights Institute of Catalonia, and Al-Quds University (Palestine).

Intended learning outcomes:

  • To knowledge acquired International Law of Human Rights
  • Familiarization with international humanitarian law
  • To improve their knowledge of systems of human rights protection
  • To learn to use the mechanisms of protection and guarantee of human rights on a universal scale
  • To reflect on the nature of the regional system and universal to the state system
  • To identify practical tools to denounce human rights violations
  • To be able to identify the rules applicable to a particular case and can be interpreted in light of the circumstances
  • To understand the basic principles of international humanitarian law regarding the conduct of hostilities and the protection of victims of armed conflict.
  • To discuss the various measures in the field of cooperation that are made and diagnose the treatment and inclusion of the rights approach
  • To value the inclusion of the rights approach as the backbone of their actions in the field of cooperation in Palestine and Israel