Course: Act for real democracy: Training of Trainers on Social Transformation in Barcelona

From 13th to 20th July, the NOVACT – International Institute for Nonviolent Action organizes an international training course Act for Real Democracy: Training of Trainers on Social Transformation in Barcelona. A space to exchange and analyze commons dynamics, analysis, policy tools and strategies to increase the impact of social change actions of European youth.

Societies are growing in complexity and challenges. The current crisis is promoting a new social conscious base on the need to create a just, sustainable, dignified and more cooperative society. And the motor of this process are youth, with access to the new technologies. The motivation and commitment of these youth groups are obvious, but it is also evident the lack of skills, tools and political strategy to increase the impact of their actions. In parallel, nowadays it is totally accepted that nonformal education in conflict and social transformation can exert a big influence at different levels: in people’s conception of conflicts, in small confronted communities or in societies facing both, with direct and/or structural violence. In this framework, the European (west and east) and Caucasian societies have common challenges which should be dealt from social movements and youth groups.

In that way, 24 youth people from Germany, Italy, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, France, Ukraine and Spain will participate on the training course Act for Real Democracy: Training of trainers in Social Transformation. A space to exchange and analyze commons dynamics, that will increase the capacities and skills of the participant through new participation’s and social mobilization tools, nonviolent action and strategy, conflict resolution tools and social alternatives to capitalism such us cooperativism. The philosophy of the course focuses on understanding the social transformation action in build peace, promote sustainable communities and promote youth creativity and initiative.

This training is frame in a regional strategy of cooperation between nonviolent European and Caucasian organizations, which intends to develop the “Hub Black Sea Region” where formal and informal groups of this region can exchange tools, ideas and concrete campaigns for social transformation. And in parallel this “Regional Hub or Connection center” will be connected with the other two Hubs created by NOVACT: HUB Middle East and North Africa and Hub Europe.

The course objectives are:

  • Strengthening the capacities of the participants as regards the facilitation and training in general and in the field of Social Transformation (conflict resolution, nonviolent action and planning for change)
  • To facilitate the exchange of best practices and methods in the field of non-formal education in Social Transformation
  • To expand knowledge of the theory and practice of Social Transformation
  • To develop creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the participants, from the creation of new techniques and methods
  • To promote the values of European citizenship and demonstrate its links with the Culture of Peace and Human Rights
  • To convert youth in vulnerable situations (rural areas, social conflict, etc.) to change agents
  • To plan follow-up activities in the countries of origin and/or internationally.
  • To start developing for a future network of young actors nonviolent campaigns for the exchange of ideas, resources, etc.. under HUBs structure.
*This course is funded by the European Youth in Action program