Warning for Human Rights violations in South Sudan

Establishing a system of early warning and response to Human Rights violations in South Sudan

The aim is to protect the rights to life and personal safety of the most vulnerable populations through the implementation of early altert systems (known as CEWERS) that can effectively stop potential outbreaks of violence. It is implemented in six communities in Nzara, Exo and Ibba, three of the most vulnerable regions. The CEWERS allow communities to reduce, by themselves, their vulnerability to attacks from Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and other types of violence. A project supported by the Government of South Sudan.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Develop and operationalize CEWERS that allow communities to independently and effectively prevent violence
  • Strengthen South Sudan’s overall CEWERS network
  • Improve Spanish humanitarian aid capabilities by thereby helping Spain to be on the cutting edge of emergency response initiatives in the future

The expected results of this intervention are:

  • CEWERS team members have an improved capacity to develop and operationalize CEWERS
  • CEWERS equipment is set up in six payams and is ready to be utilized
  • Communities understand, support and participate in the CEWERS project.
  • Community has strengthened relationship and improved access to state security actors, thereby improving security actors responsiveness to community protection needs
  • CEWERS is operationalized and can be immediately utilized when a threat emerges.
  • South Sudan-wide CEWERS network is strengthened

Partners: Nonviolent Peaceforce

Beneficiary people:  Civil Society Organizations, South Sudan Governmnet, Communities from Western Equatoria

Funded by:   AECID-Spanish Agency of Cooperation