Promotion of peace building strategies and protection of Human Right Defenders in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory

This project facilitate, dynamize and promote synergies between civil society organizations and Palestinian and Israeli recognized as key actors in promoting a culture of peace and non-violence, promoting the rule of law and respect for international law and human rights, with special attention to the role of women in peace-building processes and conflict transformation.

The expected results of this intervention are:

  •  To generate synergies and mechanisms for exchanging information related to human rights violations between Israeli and Palestinians Civil Society Organizations, with a special attention to those organizations which are a priority for the Spanish Cooperation in the region
  • To create stable dialogue mechanisms with diplomatic delegations from the EU in Israel and Palestine by implementing a protection strategy for Human Right Defenders and the Guidelines for HRD elaborated by the EU.
  • To increment the media impact of the non-violent conflict transformations strategies in Palestine within the Spanish media

Partners:   Popular Struggle Coordination Committee

Beneficiary people:  Palestinian civil society and Human Right Defenders

Funded by:   AECID-Spanish Agency of Cooperation