Adressing fear: Strengthening the nonviolent alternative in the Palestinian Territory. Establishment of a Conflict Early Warning Response System.

This project aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society to contribute to human security in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory. The commitment of the partners of the project is to establish a system of Early Warning and Response Conflict (Cewers) aimed at strengthening the capacity of civil society to consolidate peace-building processes through the defense and protection of human rights, with special attention to women.

The project is unique in merging the experience of mobilization of the two main partners in the Palestinian territory: the Palestinian Popular Struggle Coordination Committee and the Israeli Coalition of Women for Peace, with experience in working with human rights defenders and social mobilization. Another singularity of this project is the focus on human security, rather than the traditional state security approach normally applied in peace-building processes.

Partners: Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, Coalition of  Women for Peace and Al-Quds University

Beneficiary people:  Palestinian civil society and Human Right Defenders

Funded by:  AECID-Spanish Agency of Cooperation

© Foto: Jalaa Marey / JINI