No more complicity with Israel

The campaign aims to show the role Israel plays in the design, research, implementation and sale abroad of different systems of repression.

Through a portfolio of content written by the investigating committee, to provide concrete information on business and military relations between the Spain, Catalonia and Israel, including export and import of arms, business cooperation, training, and agreements and practices in the military and security field. Also, Open questions are been created to ask the Catalan Parliament to stop its relationships and implement an absolute transparency in business that performs the Catalan administration with the State of Israel.

Thanks to prior research, there have been political advocacy by a manifesto, and awareness campaign (concerts and lectures) throughout the month of May 2013 in order to require the Catalan Government not to buy riot gear to Israel, to stop having business cooperation agreements, to stop work in R&D, to stop the collaboration of the Catalan universities with Israeli universities, not to authorize companies to import and export military equipment to Israel which is then used to attack civilians.

Campaign Aims:   

The purpose of the campaign is to open the debate and reflection on the extent to which we are contributing to the violence suffered by Palestinian civil society, including Spanish and Catalan businesses and corporations that take profit of the Palestine occupation, with the support and approval of our governments. And above all, show the close relationship between the brutal repression that live social movements and citizens around the world by the state security bodies with Israel, the state that idea creates and perfects these systems to then export worldwide.

More information here: (in Catalan)