Nonviolent Emerging movements in the Mediterranean

Emerging nonviolent civil society actors in the Euro-Mediterranean region

The action aims to empower Youth leaders, groups and CSO in order to participate effectively in the political transitions to democratic societies where dialogue, respect to diversity and respect to Human Rights are the basic pillars.

The Open Dialogue Space in Tunisia was the starting point of one-year project which includes innovative training programmes in Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Spain and Greece. Concretely, educational programs on cyber-activism and mobilization for social change with key nonviolent groups from Europe and MENA region.

The project particularly works to advance a regional solidarity and strategy through:

  • Identifying key priorities, challenges and lessons learned from country experiences, while increasing understanding and dialogue between them
  • Defining a common “route plan” of co-operation between the target groups with concrete coordination, training and research/reflection activities.

Partners:  Foundation for FuturePeace Action Training, Research Institute-PATRIR , Beyond Reform & DevelopmentI-WATCHNonviolence Network in the Arab CountriesIKV Pax ChristiPopular Struggle Coordination CommitteeUn Ponte Per…,Permanent Peace Movement.

Beneficiary people:  Old civil society organizations,  Experts and researchers, International organizations, journalists, political groups, minority groups and women organizations

Funded by:  Anna Lindh Foundation