Course: Nonviolent social transformation in Iraq

Around 28 people from 7 campaigns that advocate for social justice in a nonviolent Iraq participated in three days of training and exchange of experiences in the days before the First Iraqi Social Forum – Another Iraq is possible.

A broad enough spectrum of the most active campaigns for nonviolent social transformation in Iraq gathered at the three -day training organized by NOVACT and Iraqi Social Forum. From movements linked to the trade union struggle demanding labor and social rights, to youth groups fighting for improvements in the living conditions of the lower classes , through the struggle for gender equality, we save the Tigris movement or movement against the new law on pensions for ex-members of parliment .

Everyone of these movements were working together in the analysis of the surrounding context, theories of change that are consistent with their vision of the future and its principles. Thus, they developed tools to improve internal work in smarter groups and campaigns, and of course, more consistent with his principles. All nonviolent social transformation campaigns designed a strategic plan to achieve a specific objective within a maximum of a year.