Course: Democracy in Motion-European alternatives for nonviolent social change

Coordination: NOVACT, Proterra, Nexes, MedSOS, Un Ponte Per…, UniFI – Università degli Studi di Firenze
Duration: seven days
Place: Barcelona

From 6 to 14 September, 32 young people between 19-30 years old and activists from Greece, Italy, Germany, France and Catalonia in Barcelona gathered to learn, share and develop European alternatives for nonviolent social and political change. The seven days were completed with workshops on social media, leadership, artivism (art + activism) with the workshop by Reflectantes collective, and visits to proposals that are already working on a real change, as the space of the Cooperativa Integral Catalana, Aurea Social, and the interesting ecological proposal of permaculture. In this activity, young people had the opportunity to meet Rosemary Morrow, international permaculture pioneer .

The exchange of experiences, defining campaigns and the possibility of synergies has facilitated the development of tools to work on joint campaigns for social justice and human rights .

The topics covered during the conference were elected by the same people participating in the course, which met digitally several months before to locate common problems. Thus, issues such as privatization, corruption, lack of alternatives, creativity and ecology have been priority points.

This course is part of Democracy in Motion platform.

The course has been supported by the Youth in Action program of the European Union.