Workshop: Organizing for Social Change: Participation and Democracy

From 1st to 3rd May, NOVACT celebrates the second part of the training Organizing for Social Change  in Barcelona, in the hostel Mare de Déu Montserrat (Passeig de la Mare de Déu del Coll, 41). This time, under the reflection about participation and democracy..

The first part, which was held in Lebanon from 8 to 15 June 2013, deepened on issues like communication, campaign strategy and how to move from opposition to proposition. Now, Lebanon activists visit Barcelona to know the different initiatives of democratic change, citizen participation and advocacy that are growing in the Catalan capital and the rest of the Spanish state.

Three open days whith the experience of the political science professor, Joan Subirats; with activists from the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (PAH); and the team from  Yo Sí Sanidad Universal, among other.

The workshop will open a discussion about issues such as the lack of legitimacy of traditional forms of government, new opportunities for democratic revolution and collective actions seeking for radical democracy. Thus, we will talk about social networks and the Internet, escraches, nonviolence and advocacy, artivism and building alternatives,…

All of this, sharing experiences between what is done in Lebanon and what is done here. Analyzing common problems and goals, differences, strengths and exchanges to enhance and empower activism on both sides of the Mediterranean.

Here you can download the agenda of the meeting.

If you want to participate in this training. You can do it for free (you just need to pay the price of the meal if you decide to stay all day) through this form.