Workshop: Training of trainers in organization and mobilization

Coordination: NOVACT -International Institute for Nonviolent Action and Forum des Alternatives Maroc- FMAS, under the “Strengthening ” project, implemented by NOVACT and FMAS, with the support of AECID. Duration: Three days Location: Morocco

From 23rd to 25th May, was held in Rabat the workshop “Training of trainers in Organization and Social Mobilization”. A workshop with the participation of 40 young people from different regions of Morocco, active in social movements and campaigns for social justice, human rights, equality and freedom of expression.

The aim is to provide a space for reflection on the protests and campaigns of social movements, in order to share best practices and help translate the protests and popular demands on more efficient pulse of social and political changes that seek greater democracy in the Arab country.

This event marks the launch of “Strengthening” project, which aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society to contribute to the consolidation of the democratic reform process in Morocco. Through training, discussion, analysis, field experimentation, communication and advocacy, intend to contribute to the implementation of participatory democracy and the role of civil society in local governance with the improvement of the legislative framework, with special attention to strengthening freedom of expression.

During the workshop, organizations and movements such as Action jeunesse, Voix des femmes au Maroc Migrants, Action Culturelle, Observatoire marocain des études social, Collectif Associatif Elections Observation, Jeunes pour la bonne gouvernance and Médias et cultures, among others, have participated actively.