Workshop: From Civil Society to Civil Society: Organizing social transformation

CS-ENGFrom 3rd to 9th October we celebrate in Barcelona the workshop From Civil Society to Civil Society: Organizing social transformation. Both sides of the Mediterranean are now involved in struggles for social justice, for real democracies where people can play an active role in the decisions affecting their lives. From Spain to Greece, from Tunis to Lebanon there is a wave of emerging movements proposing new ways of organizing, and questions like how to improve our movements to make them more effective? How can we work with others? How can we move from opposing to proposing movements? Are, among others, questions present in those movements.

This training try to work around those questions, in two different ways:

(a) Suggesting ways of organizing and building up our campaigns collected through the best practices of successful movements and campaigns around the world

(b) Providing space for Civil Society to Civil Society direct consultancy, it means, providing the conditions for sharing practices, asking questions, giving advise among the different campaigns participating in the training. This method is based on the theoretical approach of collective construction of knowledge and building up communities of practices.

The training is divided in two stages:

  • Residential: Intensive face to face training: 56 hours. From 3rd to 9th of October 2014 (both included) in Barcelona (costs covered)
  • Online: Practical work on each participant’s campaign. From the 22nd of September until the 9th of November. The online training will be based on practical work designing your social transformation campaign, with 6 on line live sessions (one per week) and direct work on each participant’s campaign, with the advice and coach of the course facilitator and the rest of the group.

Course charges

  • Tuition fees: Free
  • Travel and subsistence costs: Covered for selected participants from Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Palestine.
  • We will provide help and management to find accommodation in the same place where the training will take place for those participants who do not have covered the costs of accommodation and meals.

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