Defending the ones who defend: protecting the human rights defenders

Defender a quien Defiende (Defend the ones who Defend) is a spanish state coalition against the criminalization of social movements, formed by human rights defenders, journalists, legal experts, university institutes and third sector organisations from Andalucia, Catalonia, Madrid and the Basque Country.

The aim of DqD is to support the actions of human rights defenders, demonstrators and other activists from social movements, to guarantee and protect their rights, and for contributing to the development of the rule of law by participating in the public policy programs that guarantee human security. Transparency and access to justice for victims of human rights violations¸are also two of the main goals of the coalition. To reach them, 3 types of training workshops are being carried out to improve the ability to monitor, communicate and protection of human rights defenders, journalists and legal experts/lawyers.

Other planned actions include the creation of a national and collaborative database to register the violations, supervise them, and offer protection, a service of legal support for the victims, and the development of legal actions to require the corresponding investigations, an effective access to justice and reparation for the victims.

Regarding the participation in public policy, a report including the violations monitored all over Spain will be elaborated, as well as advocacy actions on a political, social and juridical level.

Partners: Fundació Solidaritat UBEcologistas en AcciónIcaria editorialAsociación Pro DDHH AndalucíaFundación UAM

Funded by: EEA Grants Programa de Ciudadanía Activa 2009-2014