Informing and raising awareness in Catalonia of the palestinian situation

Working in peacebuilding, from Catalonia, by informing on the constant violation of human rights in Palestine, and about which could be the role of the Catalan society in obtaining a non-violent and fair solution to the conflict.

The global aim is to create, in Catalonia, the conditions for facilitating a stance that promotes a fair and non-violent solution to the current conflict between Israel and Palestine.

To achieve these conditions, we are working to spread and report the complicity between catalan companies and/or institutions and the illegal occupation of Palestine, increasing the actions and campaigns and promoting the influence on political institutions.

To be able to carry out this task, a series of projects have been organised, focused on training, research and on the spreading of the results. Seminars and conferences will take place in Catalonia, as well as training for young students in Palestinian local universities, travels for study to identify the needs of the population and to create synergies with local NGO’s, a Program of youthful Volunteering, a workcamp and a campaign about promotion for catalan organisations.

Partners:  Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya (SCI-CAT)Associació Catalana per la Pau (ACP)

Funded by:  Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament (ACCD)