Documenting assets for the Health right in Morocco

We start the project “Documenting assets for the Health right in Morocco” with the support of the DevReporter network – Network of journalists and media professionals for development and the financial contribution of the European Union (Project DCI-NSAPVD/2012/279-805). The project aims to use the documentary as a tool for social transformation to influence the improvement of access to a universal, free and public health in Morocco, with particular attention to maternal and child health.

A total of ten locations in the region of Taza-Al Hoceima-Taouanate (marking rural character and a female literacy rate of 70%) participate in the awareness caravan that will visit the villages to record the testimonies of affected populations by infringement of the health right. These recordings will be accompanied by workshops to identify proposals for improving health system and make participatory videos with the results. During the sessions, civil society and social movements will be connected with experts in the field and responsible institutions. All audiovisual works will be screened during the afternoon in a public place, to facilitate the participation of women and encourage future testimonies. The set of videos as well as the process of making these capsules will be the basis for a documentary bearing on the situation of community health in Morocco.

Although it is  States work, from this project we seek to empower communities to demand their own assets for the health right, inspired by movements like the tMarea Blanca in Madrid and with the mood of platforms such as the Collectif pour le Droit San Au Maroc. Understanding that improving health indicators can not be given without the full participation of society in identifying, defining and implementing local strategies for health.

The project has the participation of journalists from Morocco and Spain to work together on the development of articles and reports on violations of the right to health in both countries and about social demands.

This project is part of a line community health NOVACT been developing since late 2014 in Morocco. The project is under the name ‘Community Health: Mobilizing Assets health in Morocco to better guarantee the right to health’ and is partly funded by the AECID through the NGO call 2014 also stems from its own communication strategy including the development of communication strategies for social change in which the partners take sides through the use of tools such as audiovisual or multimedia.

*This project has been realized with financial support of the European Union. The content is the sole responsibility of the project partners and under no circumstances should be considered that reflects the position of the European Union.






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