Improving the environment of the most vulnerable Palestinian communities

The aim of this project is to increase the protection of the Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, the Area C of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, in order to allow the palestinian population to have access to justice and to achieve a more effective application of the Humanitarian International Law.

With the strengthening of the access to justice and of the HIL, the project expects to improve the quality of the application of the law by the Israeli authorities. The activities are based, mainly, on surveillance and monitor, to be able to take action in the promotion of humanitarism and focusing on diplomats, UN institutions and the European External Action Service (EEAS). A promotion campaign in the media will be also set up including press releases, field researches constantly updated and statistical analyses.

Human Rights violations commited duringthe Operation Protective Edge will be controled and documented, as well as damages caused in infrastructures, attacks to health centers, hospitals, ambulances and medical personnel. In this context of Justice and accountability, an exchange programme on how to do a gender analysis will be also promoted.

Partners: PCHR – Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Funded by: AECID- Agencia Española de Cooperación para el Desarrollo