Controlling the Privatization of War and security

The three-year program “Consolidation of Nonviolent Actors in Iraq (CANVI)” has as main objective to promote nonviolence as a tool for social change and global justice, and influence at the political level in the regulation of the Privatization of War.

The first activity of this project was the contribution to the creation of the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI), to facilitate the relations between international and Iraqi Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and multiply the impact of the joint activities. Moreover, thus has facilitated the process of peacebuilding and social cohesion in Iraq through the organization of different activities such as: the I Iraqi Nonviolence Forum in Basrah (2012), the support to the organization of the Iraqi Social Forum in Baghdad (2013), a training “Mobilization for social change” with social movements in Baghdad (2013),…

However, the action that is gaining more strength in this project is the international campaign that monitors and controls the privatization of war. Under the name Control PMSCs (Private Military and Security Companies), it has been created an international coalition, of over 30 organizations around the world, focusing on research and advocacy for international regulation of PMSCs. A key high added value of this action is the link between human rights defenders, nonviolent  activists and researchers.

This partnership has resulted in the publication of various studies that are helping to deepen the issue of Privatization of War and put the issue on the international political agenda:

Partners:  Laonf Group, Students League for Human Rights and the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initative (ICSSI)

Funded by:   Barcelona Council – Barcelona Solidarity program