Fundraising for members organizations of the CMODH


The Coordination Maghrébine des Organisations des Droits Humains(CMODH) and NOVACT organize, during the months of November, December 2015 and January 2016, four trainings in benefit of the member associations of this network, the only coordinating platform for human rights organizations existing in North Africa.

Those trainings, coordinated by the NOVACT representative in Brussels, will allow to go in-depth in the knowledge of about 100 representatives of the Maghrebi civil society on the tools and methods of organization, identification and selection of fundraising opportunities, with special emphasis in the European funding, to improve the work of the Maghrebi CSOs with the European Union.

 The first training of the four to be held was held in Tunisia on November 28, 2015. The next sessions will be on January 22 in Paris, France, with Maghrebi CSOs representatives in France, on January 28 will be in Nouakchott, Mauritania, and on January 31 in Rabat, Morocco. Through those trainings it is expected to strengthen the participation of local CSOs in the policies development of equitable social and human development promotion and democratic transformation in the Maghreb.

 Those trainings are part of the KHOTWA project, funded by the European Union and Agència Espanyola de Cooperació Internacional al Desenvolupament (AECID). The KHOTWA project aims to promote an effective, collective, constructive and structured participation of Maghrebi civil society in the process of regional integration in the Maghreb as a key actor to assure prosperity, social justice and democratic transformation in the region.