Tender: Gender expertise services

Within the framework of the Spanish Cooperation program, NOVACT is open a call for a tender for a gender expertise services as part of the project “Strengthen the role of the Palestinian civil society in promoting the political participation of women and the building, reinforcement and promoting the rule of law in Palestine”.

The project aims to contribute to strengthen the capacities of Palestinian civil society and specifically feminist and Human Rights organizations, to contribute to the processes of reflection, design, implementation and evaluation of public policies to promote gender equality and the rule of law in Palestine.

 Expected Results

  • ER.1. Reinforced the skills of the Palestinian civil society and specifically feminist organizations for their participation in inclusive and multi-partnership for participatory design of public policies on women’s political participation and democratic governance structures.
  • ER.2 Two proposals made for consolidation of public policies focused on: 1. Improving women’s political participation and their presence in decision-making positions in the governorates of Hebron, Nablus, Qalqilia and Jenin.
  • ER.3. Increased awareness among right holders, duty bearers and civil society on women’s political participation and democratic governance in Palestine.


  1. Training on gender intra-organizational analyse in order to improve, if necessary, organizational practices in relation to the decision making process, consensus, the strengthening of inclusive and committed leadership and democratic participation.
  2. Training on identification, realisation and evaluation of activities and projects with a gender perspective.
  3. Research and publication about the history of women’s emancipation movement in Palestine through analyse of UPWC. Workshops will be held on feminist methodologies for the compilation and systematisation of historical sources of information.
  4. UPWC interaction with Mediterranean and Latin American organizations through a network created in the year 2013 called “network to a life free of violence” in order to give support in the fight against violence towards women through the exchange of methodologies and best practices, strategies for action, mutual support against violations of Human Rights, sharing of strategies of advocacy in the legislation, creation of synergies.


The contract will include all the cost related to the above-mentioned activities as:

  • Gender expert fees.
  • Transportation and per diems costs
  • Communication, printing and material costs

Reporting Requirements

The consultant or organization will submit the following reports in English:

  • Overall report of the activities with recommendations.
  • One document with the systematization of the training implemented to UPWC’s team about gender intra-organizational pro-equity analysis.
  • List of participants and report of the trainer on each of the foreseen trainings.
  • Document of systematization.
  • One publication on the history of the emancipatory movement of women in Palestine, through the analyse of the UPWC published and presented.
  • Documentation of the action and meetings on gender-based violence in the framework of the International network.

Expertise Team

The gender expertise services will include at least 2 experts with the following profiles and qualifications:

Common features:

  • A solid experience and knowledge of gender issues.
  • Experience in gender and political participation of women in Palestine.
  • Experience in research about the history and genealogy of women’s emancipation movements, from feminist methodologies.
  • Experience with International networks on exchange of experiences, methodologies and good practices against gender-based violence.
  • Full working knowledge of English and Arabic.

Proposal submission

The proposal must include:

  •  Experience of the institution or/and individuals in the field of work.
  •  CV of the specific experts and the coordination team.
  •  Work plan specifying timing of activities, outputs, methodology and theoretical framework.
  • Budget.

 The main criteria for the evaluation of the proposal will be:

  • Experience in the related activities (15 points)
  •  Coherence and coordination mechanisms established for the development of the different activities according to the outputs (15 points)
  • Sustainability (10 points)
  • Budget (10 points)

The proposal must be submitted by email by the 10th of February 2016 to mar@novact.org with the subject “TOR Gender OPT” and a jury formed by the Regional coordinator, the Administrator and a member of the direction of NOVACT will evaluate the proposal received and will request some clarifications by the 16th of February 2016 and communicate the final decision by the 19th of February 2016. 

For more information, please review the terms of reference

Photo by: Activestills.org