We present our last report on Private Military and Security Companies to the United Nations

The Invisible Force exposes a comparative analysis of three countries: Colombia, Iraq and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

On Thursday 21 July, tomorrow, NOVACT – the International Institute for Nonviolent Action presents its new report, The Invisible Force, at United Nations Headquarters. A comparative analysis on the development of military and security private companies in three different contexts: Colombia, Iraq and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. You can download it here. 

The NOVACT’s researcher and adviser, Jordi Palou-Loverdos, will present the report as part of the International Conference organized by the UN’s working group named Privatization of War – Impact on Human Rights. The conference will focus primarily on how does the Private Military and Security Companies (PMSC) activity affect the right of peoples to self-determination. NOVACT will announce, as well, the upcoming presentation this year of the Shock Monitor, the Observatory on PMSC and Human Rights.

Private armies. Dependence and impunity

PMSCs have become already a key actor in international counter terrorism and as part of the contemporary armed conflicts, although neither the control nor the regulation of this sector have progressed. A a result, the negative impact of their activities on human rights of local population in the countries where they operate is growing alarmingly, while a climate of impunity is still prevailing.

The States continue facing the new challenges and global threats with military solutions; increasing the military spending and outsourcing to transnational companies the military and security services. These trends lead to a process of privatization of war and security, where real corporative private armies are emerging, driven by private interests.These companies follow the rule of engagement of protecting the client at whatever cost, thus legitimising, without further control, the use of lethal force against the local population when the mission so requires. In addition, governments’ dependence on these companies iss growing every day, as well as their impunity in war zones and occupation areas.

With the aim of proposing nonviolent alternatives to contemporary conflicts, NOVACT is reinforcing and extending its work to stop the process of privatization of war and security, through the analysis of the use of PMSC and its impact on human rights. Therefore, the current report outlines key recommendations for governments, International Organizations and the civil society for and effective regulation of these companies.

Here you can read the chronicle by Jordi Palou and Felipe Daza.