Towards a new paradigm, Preventing Violent Extremism


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From January 28th to 30th, BarcBola Conceptos 5 idiomaselona will host the conference “Towards a new paradigm: Preventing Violent Extremism”. This conference, organized by NOVACT and the CMODH in the frame of KHOTWA initiative, will allow the participatory definition of the Plan of Action of the Euro-Mediterranean region for the prevention of ALL forms of violent extremism. The Tunisian organizations having received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015, activists working on peacebuilding in zones that were under the occupation of Daesh, awarded of the United Nations Human Rights Defenders prize and a hundred of organizations from twenty countries of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East have already confirmed their presence.

Over the past decades, our governments have sought to address violent extremism within the context of security-based counter-terrorism measures through an extensive use of military power. In the name of the battle against violent extremism, we have seen a restriction of our rights and liberty. In front of the new emergence of violent extremist groups, security-based-only measures will not be effective because those strategies cannot dry up the emotional and social wellsprings of radicalization. Understanding this, on the 28th and 29th January, the Barcelona Conference “Towards a new paradigm: Prevention of Violent Extremism” will be focused on defining a new roadmaps to confront this phenomena. The euro-mediterranean CSO, emphasizing our shared values and the human rights principles, we will discuss and define a collective contribution against ALL FORMS of violent extremism. On the 30th January, on the occasion of the International Day of Peace and Nonviolence, it will be held the ceremony of presentation of the Observatory to Prevent Extremism Violent and the Plan of Action addressed to reinforce the CSO action to prevent ALL forms of violent extremism.


(1) To question the current definition of violent extremism to include in this category ALL forms of violent extremism
(2) To emphasize the enormous human rights costs generated by anti-terrorist policies and to denounce how violent extremism is used to stigmatize social movements and CSO working in social transformation and human rights promotion
(3) To reinforce the role and the commitment of civil society organizations in the prevention of violent extremism. Civil society organizations have a key role in this field, and that is why we want to create a space to define it.
(4) To endow CSO with a regional and transnational Euro-Mediterranean civil society agreement to incorporate in our mission the prevention of violent extremism. This agreement should be also a useful tool to work in this field incorporating specific actions that we can deploy. The Plan of Action, which will be defined on 28th and 29th January, wants to be this tool.


Civil society organizations, public institutions and individual citizens interested in the conference can find the information about the different forms of participation as well as the registration form in this section. Please, take note that only accredited persons will be able to attend to the ceremony of the 30th January. To receive an accreditation, please fill the registration form that you will find in this section.