We join the Unitary platform against gender violence

NOVACT, as an organization committed to gender equality, joins the Unitary platform against gender violence to work in a network to raise awareness of gender-based violence and demand actions through the citizens’ mobilization in Catalonia.

105 femicides and other murders have been committed to women committedPlataforma1 by men in the Spanish state during 2016. Between 2010 and 2015, 681 femicides and other murders to women by men have been registered to women in the Spanish state. In Catalonia, this number amounts to 132 killed, according to the sources of Feminicidio.net. On the other hand, every five days a woman is murdered in the Spanish State by her partner or former partner. As the Unitary Platform against Gender Violence says, around two million women are sporadically or continuously victims of gender violence, but only seven hundred thousand are recognized as such. 12.3% of women, between 18 and 29 years old, and 14.5%, aged 30-44, suffer abuse.

Faced with this alarming situation, in 2002 the Unitarian Platform against gender violence – of which NOVACT is part – was created with the following objectives:

– To make visible the reality and the extent of violence against women: we refuse to be accomplices With our silence.
– Sensitize citizens by revealing the beliefs and cultural stereotypes that support violence against women and which are transmitted from generation to generation.
– To highlight the social dimension of the phenomenon of violence against women and to highlight the need to create prevention measures that avoid the reproduction of these patterns of behavior.

– Disseminate publicly the different existing resources of attention to women who suffer violence.
– Promote new models of coexistence and the culture of peace.
– Give space to all entities and associations working for the eradication of violence against women because they can explain the different activities they carry out.

From NOVACT we have been fighting for the eradication of violence and the struggle for a nonviolent world, and also for the machista violence, of which we are all responsible and we all have to actively stand against it.

You can see HERE the manifesto


“We have far more than 87,000 rapes in this country every year, but each of them is invariably portrayed as an isolated incident” (Rebecca Solnit)