2nd November 2017: From Balfour Declaration to the existing international complicity with Israel.


Júlia Fernández // The memory is always present in the mind of those who have suffered from oppression and violence, from the lost and the spoliation, the exile, the repression, the injustice and the dispossession. The pain might be remembered every day in order to feed the resistance of those who continue to face it daily and to grow the energy to create new changes. Without shirking the importance of remembering every day what had happened and what continues to happen in Palestine, we use this year that the Israeli occupation had sowed with regrettable ephemeris in order to point out the amount of years of impunity of the Israeli State and the international contribution into the maintenance of his status quo. Today marks the 100th anniversary of the signature of the Balfour Declaration between the British Empire and the Zionism, but also 69 years had passed since the catastrophe, the Nakba that gives name to the expulsion of more than 700,000 Palestinians from their territories and to the beginning of the Palestinian genocide, perpetrated by the Zionism. This 2017 reminds also that 50 years have passed since the beginning of the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem and the subjugation of its populations to the military control after the Six Days War; and commemorates the 10th anniversary of the military blockade of Israel in Gaza Strip, where it maintains a terrible humanitarian crisis until nowadays.

Coinciding this 2nd of November with the centenary of the British-Zionist alliance which gave place, during the 1st World War, to the beginning of the Zionist colonialism and to a policy of British support to Israel, today is a good change to put forward the role played by the Western powers into the commitment which was reflected into the Balfour Declaration on 1917 and into the devastating consequences that this event had caused in the territories and the Palestinian population.

Exactly one hundred years ago today, the British Empire signed an historical declaration in their foreign policy by establishing a commitment with the political Zionism. Considering positive the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, Balfour opened the door to the colonization, the dispossession, the spoliation, the segregation and the systematic violation of human rights in Palestine. Even though the declaration was not fitted with legal force, it configured the necessary framework for the Zionist movement to, overstating its significance, hold on it as if it was their founding charter and justify the establishment of Israel in Palestine.

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May urged this year the British population to feel proud of the Balfour charter, which actually represented the first recognition of a world –colonial- power of the Jewish rights above another people’s land. Balfour was converted into a powerful tool of the Zionist propaganda and into the instrumented justification of the Nakba, which deliberately resulted into the massive expulsion of the non-Jewish population of Palestine in 1948, necessary for the creation of that Jewish-majority land.

Balfour was incorporated into the British Mandate of Palestine in 1922 and approved by the League of Nations. In the end, it was the key element to establish the basis which served the Zionism to create the founding structure of what actually is the State of Israel.

Facing a large list of United Nations resolutions which condemns the Israeli actions in Palestine from 1947 since today and which asks for the fulfillment of the international law, the Jewish state keep exercising a military occupation and an apartheid policy on the Palestinian population, helped by a huge international complicity.

The policy of territorial expansion and illegal Jewish settlements in Palestinian land, the denial of the right of return for the refugees, the separation wall and the tight control of the movement, the demolition of Palestinian homes and the despoilment of the resources, the arbitrary and indiscriminate detentions, the blockade and the attacks against the civil population in Gaza, the tortures to the prisoners or the exacerbated and indiscriminate violence against the civilians in all over the territories are some examples of Israeli actions that have been object of disapproval and created a large amount of United Nations General Assembly and Security Council resolutions, which have been deliberate and systematically ignored until today and which have put forward the Israeli selflessness towards the international law.

The recognition of the Zionist aspirations over Palestine, damaging the predominant population in 1917, are being translated nowadays in the maintenance of historical alliances, in complicit silences or the indifference of the rest of the world towards an occupying, oppressor and repressor state which systematically violates human rights.

The historical injustice and the continued oppression and dispossession that Palestinian people are suffering under Israeli occupation appeal to the high spheres who gave validity to the alliance of 1917, to all the current supporters who tolerate and foster its consequences to recognize their responsibility on the current situation of the territories. A century after Balfour, the international community have the duty to ask for apologies, repairs and for the compliance of the international law to Israel.

More information: http://www.balfourproject.org/ and http://www.palestinalibre.org/articulo.php?a=66085