Representant de NOVACT a Jordània Representative of Novact in Jordan



NOVACT launches a process of contracting a representative of Novact and responsible of projects of construction of peace and the office of the entity in Jordan.


12 months of length contract (renewable) in the office of Amman, Jordan.


Yearly gross salary of 22.800 Euros in addition to an extra to the support for the rent, according to the scale and labour politics of the entity.

On the organisation

NOVACT ( is an independent and non-profit association with central headquarters in Barcelona and with offices in Amman (Jordan), Madrid, Ramala (Palestine) and Tunis (Tunisia). Our aim is to promote nonviolent actions for the social transformation to the defence of the human rights, the human security and the social justice. The projects of international cooperation of the organisation in the regions of the Maghreb, Mashreq, East of Europe and Caucasus, combine with strategies of political incidence-social in Catalonia, Spain and rest of Europe.

Novact gives a lot of importance to the work with social movements, as well as his needs, trying be a bridge between social demands and institutions.

Novact cuts across the perspective of gender in all its activities, projects and operation therefore in each one of our labour offers, the sensitivity and understanding of this vision are fundamental for the candidatures.

Functions and tasks

The person will have to coordinate different projects linked to the field of the construction of peace, cooperation to the development and humanitarian aid. As well as be the responsible person and representative of the office and work of Novact in Jordan. More specifically the tasks to develop will be:

  • Identify and formulate projects of cooperation in Jordan so much of development as of humanitarian aid (international and national donors), in coordination with the coordinator of the Mashreq area and of the MENA program.
  • Manage, give follow-up and justify projects of cooperation ensuring his execution and coherence with the strategic plan of the organisation.
  • Manage legal administrative subjects with Jordan, related with the visas, register of the entity and others that are necessary.
  • Manage the opening of the physical office of the entity in Amman being able to opt as home-office.
  • Contribute the technical management and to the daily coordination of the office (accounting, logistical and planning).
  • Support the work of advocacy and communication and contribute to the preparation of a strategy of communication and advocacy from the field.
  • Participate in the preparation of annual plans of activities and periodic reports of the area of the Middle East.
  • Participate in the preparation of the strategy of the organisation in Jordan and contribute to his implementation.
  • Technical accompaniment to the partners.
  • Participate in mechanisms of coordination and collaboration between different actors of the field.
  • Contribute to the capitalisation of experiences of the projects as well as to the diffusion of best practices.
  • Institutional representation with donors, local and international organisations, civil society venue and other notable actors.

Profile required

To be considered for this candidature is necessary to show:

  • Upper studies preferably in Social Sciences, Law, Political Sciences, International Relations, Communication or Journalism.
  • Training/provable experience in cooperation and preferably under peacebuilding.
  • Experience of work of at least 3 years managing projects of international cooperation, preferably in matter of Human rights, and Peacebuilding funded by the Catalan Agency of Cooperation to the Development, the European Union, the AECID, United Nations or the City council of Barcelona.
  • Experience of at least 2 years of work in the region and knowledge of the same.
  • Knowledge and oral expression and written fluent in English and Spanish.
  • Knowledge of office and other software related.
  • Availability to travel sporadically to other points of the region, like the Kurdistan Iraqi.
  • Problem-solving capacity and work in team.
  • Proactive attitude, flexibility and adaptation to the changes.
  • Commitment with the nonviolent principles like transformative strategies, the defence of the human rights and the global justice.
  • Agreement with the aims and general values that characterise to NOVACT.

The following qualifications will be highly valued:

  • Knowledge and/or studies in Human rights as well as Prevention of the Violent Extremism.
  • Experience in investigation and incidence in the field of the peacebuilding.
  • Knowledge of Catalan and Arabic languages.
  • Handle of Internet and social networks.
  • Class B driving license.
  • Participation in social movements.

Presentation of applications

The proposals, including a letter of motivation and CV, will have to be sent by email before the 9th of December to the email address: indicating in the subject of the post «Announcement Representative Jordan».