Programme officer de NOVACT en Tunisie NOVACT’s programme officer in Tunisia


NOVACT launches a process of contracting the Programme Officer in Tunisia.


This is a full-time position in the office of Tunis (Tunisia) for a minimum of two years with the possibility of extension. This is an accompanied post.


Yearly gross salary of 22.800 Euros, according to the scale and labor politics of the entity.

On the organization

NOVACT ( is an independent and non-profit association with central headquarters in Barcelona and with offices in Tunis (Tunisia), Madrid, Amman (Jordan) and Ramala (Palestine) and. Our aim is to promote nonviolent actions for the social transformation to the defense of the human rights, the human security and the social justice. The projects of international cooperation of the organization in the regions of the Maghreb, Mashreq, East of Europe and Caucasus, combine with strategies of political incidence-social in Catalonia, Spain and rest of Europe.

Novact gives a lot of importance to the work with social movements, as well as his needs, trying be a bridge between social demands and institutions.

Novact cuts across the perspective of gender in all its activities, projects and operation therefore in each one of our labor offers, the sensitivity and understanding of this vision are fundamental for the candidatures.

Functions and tasks

The person will have to coordinate different projects linked to the field of peacebuilding, prevention of violent extremism and CSO capacity building. As well as be the representative of the office of Novact in Tunisia.

Program Planning, Development, and Fundraising

  • In collaboration with Maghreb regional coordinator and the political officer of Tunisia, lead the process of developing medium and long-range country strategic plans maintaining program focus in the areas detailed in NOVACT’s strategic plan 2018-2021
  • Pro-actively ensure effective ongoing direct communications and networking with donors.
  • Take initiatives to raise funds in the country in support of NOVACT strategic plan 2018-2021, in close coordination with Maghreb regional coordinator and the Political officer of Tunisia.
  • In collaboration with Maghreb regional coordinator and the political officer of Tunisia, lead and ensure that preparation of funding proposals is of the highest quality and closely responsive to donor requirements and coherent with NOVACT vision for the Maghreb detailed in the strategic plan 2018-2021.
  • Track funding and program trends to understand specific donor priorities and resources.
  • Cultivate relationships with new donors.

Program Management

  • Ensure that office planning, budgeting and reporting is carried out in a timely and appropriate fashion in accordance with NOVACT and donors’ requirements, formats and standards.
  • Supervise and ensure quality project implementation, including ensuring appropriate allocation of resources and that controls are maintained at all levels
  • Fully responsible for actively monitoring of projects to ensure they are on track with deliverables and quantitative targets, on time, and on budget without overspending or underspending and that they fully meet goals as committed in project documents.
  • Take the lead, with program management team, in sufficiently early identification and diagnosis of off-track projects and actively determining feasible strategies to correct such problems.
  • Ensure that all project modifications, adjustments, or no-cost extensions are fully justified and appropriately communicated and agreed by donors.
  • Ensure that operations in support of projects, in particular procurement and logistics, are efficiently and effectively carried out.
  • Provide program guidance and technical input and advice as needed to maintain strategic vision
  • Ensure the delivery of timely, high quality program and project reports
  • Support a culture of adaptive management, high-quality program performance, and learning through improved data collection and analysis.
  • Contribute to the capitalization of experiences of the projects as well as to the diffusion of best practices.
  • Technical accompaniment to the partners

Finance Management

In coordination with the Maghreb coordinator of NOVACT and the HQ’s administrative department:

  • Manage overall country budget; establish an annual cash flow plan to ensure a steady and adequate supply of funds for program activities.
  • Build and maintain operational structures that ensure regular financial and administrative reporting of the projects
  • Ensure compliance with donors’ regulations related to finance and administrative protocols.
  • Create and maintain systems ensuring effective and transparent use of financial resources for timely and informative reporting in line with donors’ policies and procedures.
  • Work with auditors to facilitate their work and then work with the country team to make changes based on their findings and recommendations.
  • Ensure timely and appropriate country level and project level budget preparation and monitoring
  • Actively and personally verify that the national office maintains complete, up to date and accurate financial records for all transactions, and that full and appropriate supporting documentation, signatures, stamps, are available, using proper forms and templates.
  • Verify that that all records are adequately stored, and backed up to prevent losses of any kind
  • Supervise and provide support to all staff in Tunisia, and ensure standard operation procedures are socialized and adhered to.
  • On an ongoing basis ensure that project expenditures are in line with implementation plans so that early detection of under or over expenditure is appropriately addressed and projects end on-budget
  • Ensure the timely preparation and accuracy of project financial reports that are of highest quality and submitted on time to NOVACT Regional Office and donors
  • Ensure overall audit compliance, financial transparency through supervision and direction of financial and administrative staff of NOVACT’s HQ.
  • Consult the Regional Finance Manager, as appropriate, who will provide additional technical support


  • Oversee program operations and reporting, ensuring compliance with NOVACT policies and procedures, donor regulations and local laws
  • Oversee all internal and external audits
  • Oversee the preparation of annual work plans and budgets
  • Report regularly to the Maghreb regional coordinator, providing timely updates of all situations and project developments
  • Ensure all donor/supporter contractual terms and conditions are fulfilled in line with NOVACT’s project funding management guidance and procedures.
  • Manage legal administrative subjects with Tunisian and EU authorities, related with the visas, registration of the entity and others.
  • Contribute to the technical management and to the daily coordination of the office (accounting, logistical and planning).

External representation

  • Maintain an appropriate image of NOVACT to all external entities and protect NOVACT’s interests and assets
  • Ensure NOVACT registration, permits, and clearances are all up to date and enable effective program implementation
  • Conduct effective ongoing liaison with donors
  • Along with the political officer of Tunisia, represent NOVACT by active participation in meetings of the humanitarian, development and and international organisations community
  • Facilitate visits by donors and others, as requested
  • Serve as a link, along with the political officer of Tunisia, between NOVACT and project counterparts and partners


  • Reports Directly To: Regional Program Director
  • Works Directly With:  Finance Regional Team and Tunisian Policy Officer.

Profile required

To be considered for this candidature is necessary to show:

  • BA studies preferably in Social Sciences, Law, Political Sciences, International Relations, Communication or Journalism
  • Experience of work of at least 3 years managing projects of international cooperation, preferably in matter of Human rights, and Peacebuilding funded by the European Union, the AECID or United Nations
  • Significant experience in an equivalent position in a development, HR, peacebuilding or humanitarian organization
  • Proven leadership skills and experience of managing multidisciplinary teams
  • Substantial experience in the financial management of budgets, including preparing financial
  • Proven expertise of leading in fundraising, seeking and securing new donors
  • Successful proposal writing, management of large and complex grants
  • Evidence of understanding the challenges of donors and grant management
  • Demonstrated team leadership experience
  • Knowledge and oral expression and written fluent both in English and French
  • Availability to travel sporadically to other points of the region
  • Problem-solving capacity and work in team
  • Proactive attitude, flexibility and adaptation to the changes
  • Commitment with the nonviolent principles like transformative strategies, the defense of the human rights and the global justice
  • Agreement with the aims and general values that characterize to NOVACT

The following qualifications will be highly valued:

  • Knowledge of Spanish
  • Knowledge of Arabic
  • Knowledge and/or studies in Human rights as well as Prevention of the Violent Extremism.
  • Experience in investigation and incidence in the field of the peacebuilding.
  • Handle of Internet and social networks.
  • Class B driving license.
  • Participation in social movements.

Presentation of applications

The proposals, including a letter of motivation and CV, will have to be sent by email before the 12th of January to the email address: indicating in the subject of the post «Position: NOVACT’s representative in Tunisia».