Improvement of the website of the Observatory for the Prevention of Violent Extremisms


Call for Services:

Improvement of the website of the Observatory for the Prevention of Violent Extremism

This call for services is part of the projects:

SALAM Preventing Violent Extremism in Tunisia: A Human Rights Based Approach and Peacebuilding“, funded by the Stability Instrument (IdS) under the Partnership for Peacebuilding of the European Union through the EuropeAid / 154272 / DD / ACT / TN call for projects


 “CoordOPEV: Coordination Strategy, Communication and Advocacy for the Prevention of Violent Extremism in the Euro-Mediterranean Region,” funded through the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation”



Deadline for the submission of the applications 15th October, 2018 before 23:59 (local time of Tunisia)


Violent extremism faces the values ​​of a civil society committed to the maintenance of the positive peace and the promotion of democracy, human security, the protection of human rights, sustainable development and social justice. By spreading racism, xenophobia and discrimination and exploiting cynically religious beliefs, “violent extremists” seek to take political power by acting against human rights and fundamental freedoms. Their ideologies can be adopted by individuals, groups, corporations or states, etc.

From the 28th to 30th of January 2017, the Barcelona Conference “Towards a new paradigm: prevention of violent extremism” welcomed 322 people representing 172 civil society institutions from 22 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region that participated in a participatory process for the formulation of “The Barcelona Declaration: Plan of action of the Euro-Mediterranean civil society to prevent all forms of violent extremism” and the launching of a regional platform called: Observatory for the Prevention of Violent Extremism (OPEV).

Presentation of the SALAM project

As part of the dynamics of OPEV in Tunisia, the headlines of the initiative “SALAM: Preventing violent extremism in Tunisia” are intended to contribute to the promotion of the democratic values ​​of peace and human dignity in Tunisia by strengthening the skills of non-state actors in the prevention of violent extremism (PVE). This project is funded by the Instrument for Stability (IdS) within the framework of the Association for the Consolidation of Peace of the European Union through the Call for Projects EuropeAid / 154272 / DD / ACT / TN

SALAM is a project that has two levels:

  • A local level giving priority to 5 regions (8 governorates); they are : Kasserine, Tataouine, Medenine, Le Kef and Grand Tunis (Tunis, Ariana, Manouba and Ben Arous).
  • And a national level

SALAM has five objectives:

  • 1- To strengthen the OPEV-Tunisia group as a platform for dialogue and proposals from Tunisian civil society for the creation of public policies aimed at violent extremism (VE);
  • 2 – To contribute to the development of knowledge about root causes of VE;
  • 3- To promote the participation of women and youth in the formulation of public policies in the EPI, in accordance with the principles of admissibility and good governance;
  • 4- To contribute to strengthening the resilience of young people in the face of violent extremist narratives;
  • 5- To implement a strategy for the PVE in the prison environment.

In this context, the promoters of the project wish to have communication tools that contribute to stranghten the visibility of the OPEV Tunisia  and the different activities that will be implemented by OPEV and within the framework of the Salam project.

Presentation of the OPEV project:

One year after the celebration of the Barcelona Conference “Towards a new paradigm: Preventing violent extremism”, the Observatory for the Prevention of Violent Extremism (OPEV) -which has emerged as one of the results of the Plan de action approved in this conference is being established in the Euro-Mediterranean region, especially in Catalonia, Jordan and Tunisia.

This project aims to consolidate this coordination space for civil society around the PVE through three areas of intervention:

– The strengthening of the communication and the general coordination of the member organizations. The start of activities in the mentioned areas showed the need to foster the coordination between the organizations member of this network as well as the external communication of the OPEV’s activity itself. The improvement of digital communication tools (web page, social networks) and the production of visibility materials (leaflets, video) will be the main tools that will be developed.

– The harmonization of coordination at local and international level. After an initial identification of the causes and vectors that lead to violent extremism in the Euro-Mediterranean region, OPEV civil society organizations, organized by motor groups, work in their specific context. shows the need for greater impact on local, regional and international authorities. The international conferences of OPEV members held in Barcelona, ​​Amman and Tunis and the organization of the advocacy visits to Brussels and Geneva will be the main activities in this area.

– The strengthening of the capacity of civil society in the field of the PVE. The civil society organizations of Tunisia, Barcelona and Amman will be supervised on how to work in the prevention of all forms of violent extremism, according to the specific needs of the local context.

Goal of the mission

– To improve the structure and the distribution of OPEV’s website content (wordpress)

– To develop the Arabic version of the website and produce a manual of guidelines and recommendations on how to update the it properly.

Description of the requested services and methodological considerations:

  • To improve the structure and the distribution of the content of the OPEV’s website (,
  • To produce a manual of guidelines and recommendations on how to update it properly:
  • To program the OPEV’s website in order to allow the set-up of an Arabic version
  • Publication of all the content (currently available) in the Arabic version. The translation will be provided by OPEV’s team
  • To draft a proposal for the distribution of the website’s contents in order to be efficient and adapted to the OPEV’s needs. This proposal should also contain style recommendations in relation to the current website.
  • Elaboration of a manual on how to update the website.
  • Elaboration of a style manual (or style guide) that provides standards for the design and writing of website’s articles. This manual should provide a guide for the visual and technical aspects, too.
  • To provide training on how to update the website to the OPEV team members via Skype.


  • An Arabic version of the website
  • A website content distribution proposal.
  • A manual on how to update the website.
  • A website style guide. 

    Lenght of the mission

 The expected duration of the activity is 3 months.

 The consultants will use their own hardware and software for the execution of the assignment. The graphic elements to be included in the website will be communicated by the project managers.

Required competences

  • Minimum of 2 years of training in the field of multimedia communication or computer programming and a minimum of 3 years of professional experience; In case of not having formal training, the selection committee will consider the applications on the basis of a proven relevant experience of more than 5 years.
  • WordPress command.
  • To own the proper hardware and software to perform the technical service.

How to submit the applications and evaluation

Candidates must provide the following documents to be eligible for this call for service:
  • Detailed updated CV;
  • Copies of, at least, three precedent works related with this call for services.
  • Certified references;
  • Detailed financial offer;
  • Estimated timetable for the execution of the mission
  • Proposal of a scheme template for the OPEV’s website (

The criteria that will be considered during the evaluation of the applications are the following:

  • The price (25%)
  • The technical quality of previous work (25%)
  • The creative skills for the website scheme proposal (25%)
  • The previous experience of the person (25%)

Applicants are advised to submit all documents in French and / or English.

The deadline for sending bids to is October 15th 2018 before 23:59  local time in Tunis. Please submit the application package to

Please write the following reference in the subject of the email: “SALAM: Website”

If you have any questions about this technical offer, you can contact Nadia through her email The email will be the only channel of communication with the candidates.