BARR AL AMAN – Consolidation of a well-informed, inclusive, and plural Tunisian public opinion.


BARR AL AMAN project aims to reinforce plurality, modernization and professionalism in the communication industry in Tunisia. This goal will be reached by reinforcing the access to local information and improving the interactions with civil society organizations.

Since 2011, Tunisia has made significant progress ensuring the right to information and freedom of expression. The pluralism in the media sector has been improved and the public debate in the country’s media space has been reinforced.

The emergence of new projects in the communication industry, both nationally and locally, has allowed the improvement of the access to local information. This has been a particularly important for a country that, in May 2018, was carrying out its first local elections which allowed the creation of the first autonomous local councils responsible of the development of local public policies.

Unfortunately, the economical crises that is hitting Tunisia affects specifically the new media. They have not yet been able to develop sustainable economic models and they suffer from a lack of infrastructure and government’s aid in order to carry out their activity.


Training cycle on “Conception of communication campaigns and social transformation” in Béni Metis


In order to overcome these obstacles, three partners have designed the Barr Al Aman program. BARR AL AMAN association, specialized in the production of media content, with the purpose to improve citizens’ participation in the public policy designing at local, regional and national level. The Catalan Audiovisual Council, the audio-visual regulation organism in Catalonia. And last but not least, NOVACT, an association that supports nonviolent movements, working for change and social transformation, and develops nonviolent interventions to protect vulnerable communities in conflict situations.

With a duration of 20 months, BARR AL AMAN project aims to accomplish the following results:

R1. Strengthen the associative, independent and local media’s capacities, as well as their interactions with the civil society organizations.

R2. Reinforce the access to local information and the production of media contents related to the parliamentary and governmental actualities, in order to strengthen the commitment of the citizens with the values of pluralism and the democracy in Tunisia.

R3. Reinforce the coordination between the consultative bodies of the media sector, the press and the social organizations.


With the partnership of: 

Consell de l’Audiovisual de Catalunya (CAC) and Barr Al Aman 

This project is financed by: