SALAM – Prevent all forms of extremism violence in Tunisia. A Human Rights approach.

The SALAM initiative aims to reinforce the role of Tunisian young people and women in the development and implementation of strategies for the Prevention of all forms of Violent Extremism (PEV); and the improvement of social cohesion and community resilience in the country. 

Violent extremist, in its multiple shape and dimension, is an affront to the values of the civil society committed with maintaining positive peace, promoting real democracy, human security, sustainable development and protecting human rights.

From the 28th to the 30th January 2017, Barcelona hosted the conference “Towards a new paradigm: Preventing Violent Extremism”. This conference gathered 322 representatives of 172 civil society organizations from more than 20 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region. The main outcome of this conference was the adoption of the Euro-Mediterranean civil society Action Plan to the Prevention of all forms of Violent Extremism, which sets a roadmap for CSO and social movements in order to struggle against this phenomena. In addition, this meeting made possible the creation of the Observatory to Prevent Extremist Violence, (OPEV), in order to insure the implementation of the Action Plan and the exchange of best practices in the field.


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On February 22nd 2017, more than 60 Tunisian civil society organizations  participated in the seminary “Reinforcing Resilience and Alternative Discourses: Towards a New Tunisian Plan of Action for the Prevention of Violent Extremism?. In this seminar, it was highlighted the importance of reinforcing a CSO PEV network and the exchange of good practices in the field. Is in this context that OPEV-Tunisia was born.

Inside the OPEV’s dynamics, the “SALAM-Prevent all the manner of violent extremisms in Tunisia” initiative intend to promote the peace democratic values’ and the human security in the country by improving the non-governmental actors’ skills in the PVE. This project is financed by the European Instrument Contributing to Stability and Peace a (IcSP) through the EuropeAid/54272/DD/ACT/TN‘s call and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development.

With a 30 months’ duration, Salam focus their work on the Kasserine, Tataouine, Grand Tunis, Medenine and Le Kef’s regions, with the final purpose of reaching the following results:

R1. Reinforcing the role of OPEV-Tunisia in the co-production of public policies in the prevention of violent extremism (PEV) and counter-terrorism field

R2. To improve knowledge of the underlying causes of violent extremism in the regions of Kasserine, Tataouine, Grand Tunis, Medenine and Le Kef.

R3. To increase the participation of women and youth in the identification and implementation of public policies for the PEV.

R4. Reinforce youth resilience against violent extremist speeches.

R5. To promote a strategy for the prevention of violent extremism in the penitential field.


Gruppo di Volontariato Civile; Association Tunisienne des Femmes Democrates; Ligue Tunisienne de Droits Humains; Union Génerale des Travailleurs Tunisiens; et Free Sight Association.

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