Rizhome against polarisation in Spain, Austria and Italy

Rizhome Against Polarization aims to prevent polarization and radicalization in three European countries (Austria, Italy and Spain) at grassroots levels. Through a participatory approach and methodology, professionals of the first line of organizations, teachers, public institutions and political parties will be provided with tools for the prevention of polarization and radicalization, resilience will be strengthened in vulnerable groups, we will create awareness and innovative policies to prevent violent extremism will be produced.

The relationship between polarization and radicalization is understood as a process; While polarization refers to the conception of adversaries (“us” and “them”), radicalization is related to political, social and religious issues. Both create hostilities, alienation and intolerance. In recent times, violent extremism is increasingly present in the European region; Racism, Islamophobia or extreme right ideologies are having institutional representation. Taking this situation into account, the proposal of this project is the identification of good practices, the capacity to build and develop practical tools and their application at European level.

The Rizhome project: Against Polarization aims to:

    • Provide front-line representatives with tools to prevent violent extremism.
    • Strengthen the resilience of communities at risk.
    • Provide public institutions with a political framework aimed at addressing radicalization and polarization from the human rights dimension.
    • Create awareness at European level about the good practices and tools to mitigate polarization.

The Rizoma project: against polarization is supported by the European Union (Internal Security Fund – Policies) and it will be coordinated by NOVACT, Civil Volunteer Group (GVC) from Italy and Südwind from Austria for 2 years.

You can see the promotional video HERE