(CAT) Notícia: NOVACT i la Fundació Carta per la Pau dirigida a l’ONU organitzen l’#ÀgoraDeDrets sobre el Dret a la Pau

NOVACT and the Foundation Charter for Peace addressed to the UN organized the first ÀgoraDeDrets # on the Right to Peace

Barcelona, ​​June 2019

NOVACT and the Foundation Charter for Peace addressed to the UN, organized on June 18, the agora on the right to peace as part of the consultative process for the preparation of the Human Rights Plan of Catalonia (#ÀgoraDeDrets).

The process has been organized as a thematic debate and consultation aimed specifically at organizations and experts in Peace and Human Rights (HR), to reflect and collect information and views about how the Right to Peace can be included in the plan; being drawn from the HR structure of Catalonia with the participation of civil society organizations in the field of HR.

The debate was attended by Simoneta Costanzo, President of NOVACT; Kristina Herbolzheimer, Director of ICIP; and Jordi Palou; member of the board of the Foundation Charter of Peace addressed to the UN, as well as representatives of the Human Rights Resource Center of Barcelona City Council, among others, who shared considerations and thoughts about the best way to include the Right to Peace in the Human Rights Plan of Catalonia, taking into account the context, definition, competence and jurisdiction in the application of this right.