Statement: NOVACT denounces the deterioration of HRs situation in the occupied territories of Western Sahara


From the night of Friday, July 20, the occupied areas of Western Sahara are experiencing an episode of violence and oppression by the Moroccan occupation forces.

During the victory of the Algerian football team at the Africa Cup of Nations (CAN2019), held in Western Sahara by thousands of Sahrawis enlisted with RASD flags, Moroccan security forces violently dispersed the protesters using tear gas, water cannons, rubber bullets, batons and other police equipment.

During these events, the young Saharawi Sabah Azman Hmeida of 24 year-old, lost her life after being hit by a car from the Moroccan security forces. Also, several young people were arrested and subsequently tortured by Moroccan police.

Given this situation, from NOVACT:

  1. We condemn the severe human rights violations committed by Morocco in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.
  2. We ask the Moroccan State to respect the human rights of the Saharawi population, especially their right to life and protest.
  3. We call on the international community and particularly the United Nations and its peace mission in this territory (MINURSO) to intervene to end these violations and protect the Saharawi population.
  4. We call on civil society organizations working in the promotion of human rights, to condemn violations in Western Sahara and to initiate advocacy actions so that the Moroccan state guarantees the civil and political rights of the Saharawi population.

Protest in Western Sahara. Photo: Equipe Media