News: Novact and Greenpeace inaugurate the first training camp for activists


For four days, 300 young people can share experiences and learn how to start a campaign or employ techniques of nonviolent action for social transformation.

The initiative is part of the School of Activism launched last June by Novact and Greenpeace.


Barcelona, September 2019 – From 12 to 15 September the Sierra de Gredos will host training itineraries and workshops aimed at generating critical thinking, promote mutual support and strengthen the exchange of experiences with groups and movements that have shaped important social changes.

Through training spaces, 300 young people will learn about rights support and self-protection in a context of criminalization of social protest, and they will know tools for social organization and nonviolent action.

During the 4 days of the camp, will address topics such as nonviolent direct action tactics, planning and communication campaigns and strategies, advocacy, organization and group work, art and creative resistance.

The itinerary implemented by Novac will be about building community, focused on group development, the work of the community to take action and leadership that promotes popular power. All of this explained from nonviolence as a tool for social transformation.

The camp also has an “Open Space”, a meeting place where participants can share knowledge, experience, skills, thoughts … and start weaving a network of collective participation for building projects and campaigns.

The initiative is part of the School of Activism, a space that was created with the idea of enhancing the active role of people in social transformation and promote synergies between different civil society organizations. Courses, online and offline, seeking to strengthen strategies and multiply the advocacy capacity of society to move towards a more democratic, just and peaceful world for all of us.

For both organizations, the advocacy and social mobilization that encourages an active and organized society are fundamental to their daily activities.


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