Gender Equality Plan

At Novact we believe that our internal management must be in line with the change we want to promote in the societies where we work. For this reason, after a 2 months of participatory work, we have created this GENDER EQUALITY PLAN AND INSTITUTIONAL CARE as a reference framework to determine the actions in order to advance in reinforcing the gender perspective at an internal level and promote strategies to become a more horizontal and equitable organization, strengthening the role of women and promoting other leaderships in the organization.

A Gender Equality Plan for the next two years (2020-2021) that complies with one of our strategic lines focused on improving the gender perspective in the organization.

The document contains training actions for the team, volunteers and the “Consell” of the entity, improvements in work-life balance measures, internal care, measures to ensure equality from the selection phases to the evaluation of the work carried out.

You can read the Gender Equality Plan (in spanish) here.