Report: Diagnosis of violent extremism in Catalonia and recommendations for its prevention

The aim of this diagnosis is to provide an analysis of the forms that violent extremism takes in Catalonia, what the causes are and how they can be tackled from a common front, both institutional and social, proposing several lines of action that form the basis of a space for proposals for the consolidation of a plan of action at a national level. At the same time, the document opens up a space for public debate, based on the idea of security from a comprehensive perspective, that has the potential to contribute to generating critical awareness of the challenges we face and the solutions to be adopted.

Carried out through more than 80 interviews and a participatory methodology with the associative fabric and grassroots groups in the districts of Nou Barris and Ciutat Vella, as well as the towns of Tortosa and Ripoll; the diagnosis identifies the extreme right, violent jihadism and hate crimes, including Islamophobia, institutional racism and LGTBIQ+phobia, among others; as the three main forms that violent extremism takes in the Catalan context.

Download here the report (for the moment only in Catalan.