NEWS: Novact transforms its public exterior activities into online actions

According to our Internal Protocol in face of the sanitary crisis produced by the COVID-19, with the aim of contributing responsibly to public health safety actions and following the recommendations of the civil health authorities, reference documents of labour unions, institutions and authorities, Novact’s team has agreed on the cancellation of all public, exterior action of the organization in our offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Sahrawi Refugee Camps, Tunis, Ramallah and Amman, transforming all the planned actions into online activities.

Likewise, Novact makes a call to reduce social alarm and to help generate a collective, public, conscience for prevention and contention towards the more vulnerable groups.

  • INTERNAL PROTOCOL IN FACE OF THE SANITARY CRISIS PRODUCED BY THE COVID-19 (in Spanish, updated on 09/09/20), available here.

OPEV Training:

Inter-university course on prevention of violent extremism and social polarization

To Defend Those Who Defend (Defender a Quien Defiende):

Active Support Network to confront impunity of the human rights violations perpetrated by the spanish police forces during #Covid19 Emergency State.

We urge the Ministry of Interior to ensure that law enforcement agencies act proportionally during the Emergency State.

We join the campaign #SeguridadConDerechos (Security With Rights) from the NoSomosDelito Network, on the occasion of #5añosDeLeyesMordaza (5 Years of Gag Law) to denounce its consecuences in a context that favours the application of punitivism and repression as a solution.

Social Coin:

Now more than ever, we continue promoting and supporting local commerce through the use of Barcelona’s social and citizen coin, REC.