REPORT: Atarot Settlement: The Industrial Key in Israel’s plan to permanently erase Palestine

Since 1967, the start of Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, comprising the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), Israel, the Occupying Power, has systematically and unlawfully appropriated Palestinian public and privately owned land, exploiting Palestinian natural resources, while forcing the transfer of and creating coercive environments to forcibly displace, the protected Palestinian population. Such measures have enabled and enhanced the Israeli national and settler economy, at the expense of the Palestinian economy and the rights of Palestinians.

The following report examines the extent of Israel’s discriminatory measures against Palestinians, exemplified in the case of the Atarot industrial settlement in occupied East Jerusalem, and its adverse impacts on the lives of Palestinians residing therein as well as Palestinians in general. The Atarot industrial settlement, like other Israeli settlements, is illegal under international law.

Interviews conducted by Al-Haq with Palestinian families, women and men residing in what is now known as the Atarot industrial settlement highlight the devastating consequences of the industrial settlement on individuals, communities and the environment. The interviews shed light on Israel’s discriminatory planning and zoning regime which systematically denies Palestinian communities building permits and creates an uninhabitable environment.

Download the complete report, here.

This Report is part of the coordinated research, awareness and advocacy joint work of Al-Haq, Observatori DESC, NOVACT and SUDS, within the framework of the ODHE and Shock Monitor Observatories, and part of the  project “Business and human rights violations in East Jerusalem: its special impact on the rights of Palestinian women“.

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