NEWS: We launch the NOVACT Equality Plan

In the line of work “promoting gender justice”, in NOVACT we have implemented some actions of the Gender Equality Plan approved in 2019.

We want to advance in reinforcing the gender perspective at an internal level and promote strategies to become a more horizontal and equitable organization and to encourage other leaderships within the entity.

In 2020 we are mainly carrying out four of the Plan’s actions.

The first action is the collection of data on workers segregated by sex. On the other hand, we have made an online training on how to improve the gender focus in our projects, as well as how to work the multiple leaderships and the power dynamics in the organization with the help of Obliqües.

We are also working on the ethical code to improve the internal coexistence of the organization.

Finally, and together with Martí Olivella from NOVACT’s Council and promoter of nonviolence and civil disobedience in Catalonia, we have developed a training to continue strengthening and deepening the knowledge about nonviolent communication following the philosophy and values of NOVACT.

This work is possible with the funding of: