Agenda: International Conference: Corporate Impunity in Occupation and Conflict’s contexts


Strengthening Resilience, Fostering Innovation, Consolidating Lessons & Pioneering New Frontiers

• April 26th – April 29th
• Online

The European project Rhizome Against Polarisation (coordinated by NOVACT with the support of Sudwind and Wewold GVC) co-organizes the conference “Prevention of polarization and violent radicalization” from 26th to 29th April. The aim of this conference is to delve into the subject of violent extremism in Europe, to provide tools to leading professionals, educators, civil society organizations, technology centers, institutions at national and European level. Throughout the conference, you will be able to attend various panels, workshops and professional forums, as well as attend key presentations by experts in the field. You can see the conference program HERE

This conference is co-organized hand in hand with other European projects supported by the same call.


NOVACT participates in the first conference moderated by Núria Millán and the intervention of our co-director Luca Gervasoni in the second panel “Meeting the Challenges of Extremism in Europe Today: Lessons of the Last Decade, Opportunities to Intervene & The Road Ahead”. Besides, Núria Millán will share the good practices acquired during the two years of implementation of the Rhizome Against Polarisation project.
The Rhizome Against Polarization project aims to prevent polarization and violent radicalization in Austria, Italy and Spain. Through a participatory approach and methodology, some tools will be provided to leading professionals in organizations, faculty, public institutions, and parties to prevent polarization and violent radicalization. In order to strengthen resilience in vulnerable groups, raise awareness and produced innovate policies to prevent radicalization and violent extremism. You can see the explicatory video of the project HERE