Agenda: Artificial intelligence, an instrument for global justice

The co-creation seminar on artificial intelligence and international cooperation was held on April 22nd with the collaboration of FAS, NOVACT and ACCD.

On April 22, the Fundació Autònoma Solidària with NOVACT and with the support of the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation organized the event “Global Justice: challenges and opportunities, co-creation seminar in artificial intelligence and international cooperation” where organized civil society organizations, universities and technological research centers participated.

The generation of this creative space arises from the conviction that Artificial Intelligence (AI) must be available to global justice. Digital technologies are rapidly transforming the world and projecting enormous potential in improving efficiency and expanding the impact of sustainable development initiatives. However, the risks of its misuse on human rights are a fact. That is why the international cooperation sector must use the opportunities and potential offered by the digital dimension on a consolidated ethical basis.

Following the proposals that emerged in the #DigitalOrganising cycle and based on previous multidisciplinary work experiences, the Seminar became a space for meeting and working together between key agents, organized in two different sections. Firstly, a space for learning about the state and uses of AI in the field of international cooperation and, secondly, a space for debate on the challenges and opportunities of incorporating AI into initiatives in the world of social justice, as well as mapping of next steps for the incorporation of digital technology in the sector of development cooperation in Catalonia.

The conclusions of the meeting indicate the need to empower the set of social agents to ensure an AI where human rights are at the center, to promote transparency and the promotion of interdisciplinary teams in the design of algorithms that guarantee the absence of biases, as well as encouraging the provision of AI to end inequalities. The Seminar points to the willingness to coordinate actions, strategies and work plans between public administration, NGOs and academia for the incorporation of AI in the field of international cooperation.

Some of the institutions and organizations that participated in the Seminar are: the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation, the General Directorate of Digital Society of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Global Justice and International Cooperation Service of Barcelona City Council,, Algorights, Open Society Foundation, the Observatory of Human Rights and Business in the Mediterranean, EURECAT, the Observatory of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence of the UDG, the Computer Vision Center UAB and the Institute for Research in Artificial Intelligence UAB.

This activity is part of a broader program on “Promoting the role of Syrian, Jordanian, Kurdish and Catalan civil society in transforming the causes of the Syrian conflict through comprehensive strategies for the prevention of violent extremism with a focus on gender”, funded by the ACCD.